Singa Concrete Vibrator overcomes the defects of conventional high revolution type vibrator by adopting special vibrating method (pendulum type) giving excellent performance.


  •  Rotational speed is about 3000 rpm which is about one-third that of conventional vibrator. Hence wear and tear of the flexible shaft and other rotating parts are extremely little, reducing trouble to a minimum.
  •  Flexible shaft is not affected by vibration because it is connected to the vibrator shaft through a unique spring.
  •  Flexible shaft can be connected to the prime mover in one motion without using any tools.


Model SG28 SG32 SG38 SG45 SG60 SG75
Vibration (v.p.m) 9,500 -12,500
Revolution (r.p.m) 3,000
Flexible Shaft (Diameter x Length) 10mm x 6m 12mm x 6m